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April 27, 2017

PC/Mac (Steam)
PC/Mac (Humble)
PS4 (coming soon)
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Shoot Shoot Mega Pack is a game about friendship, and also shooting. It's also a minimalist party game/2D shooter for up to four players. You can choose a preset game, create your own rulesets, or let the game do it for you. However you decide to play, just make sure you do it with friends.



In 2014, game designer and developer Jon Remedios walked into Global Game Jam with an ultimatum in mind: make something he was proud of, or stop making independent video games. The self-imposed threat worked, resulting in a small novel party game he named ‘Sync’. That was supposed to be the end of it but, unbeknownst to Jon, Sync was submitted to Venus Patrol and The Wild Rumpus for their annual GDC party. They accepted the game.

Shoot Shoot Mega Pack

Reception of the game over the next few months convinced Jon that there was more to explore with Sync and so ‘Shoot Shoot Mega Pack’ (SSMP) was born. After months of working on SSMP in his off time, a friend convinced Jon to apply for some government grants. By the end of 2014 SSMP was funded by the Ontario government. By 2015 Jon had quit his job, began collaborating with sound designer Ryan Roth and artist Gavin McCarthy, and was working on SSMP full time.

A Game About People

Throughout development the SSMP team has strived to maintain the philosophy that made Sync so special, an emphasis on players and interaction. From the simple visual design that keeps focus on the players, to reenforcing their actions and performance through the audio design, every choice made has been made with this guiding principle in mind. Whether or not players recognize this, the result of this approach is both a purity and elegance of design that we are extremely proud of. Everything in SSMP happens for a reason and that reason is you.


  • Fast-paced competitive local mutliplayer for 2 to 4 players
  • Playable pre-game lobby that makes sure everyone knows the basics before their first game
  • Customizable controls including both modern and classic aim styles
  • Four preset games that all focus on their own unique core mechanics
  • Unlockable modes, rules, and maps
  • Customizable rulesets that can be saved as faves for ease access
  • 13 rules that can be used in any configuration
  • Over 4000 rule combinations
  • Cycle through presets, faves, and unlock matches in Party Mode (BYOB)
  • Maps are divided between 4 sectors that each highlight a different level object
  • Over 40 versus maps
  • Let the game randomly generate rulesets in Chaos Mode
  • 80 cool names to choose from like Bearman, Lady Fistforheart, and Greg


SHOOT SHOOT MEGA PACK - Launch Announcment Trailer YouTube

SHOOT SHOOT MEGA PACK - Gameplay Trailer (w/1000% more stages!) YouTube

Indie Dev Supershow 4: Shoot Shoot Mega Pack YouTube

How to SSMP YouTube

SSMP Quick Overview YouTube




Selected Articles

  • "The best local-multiplayer game at PAX 2015."
    - Hayden Dingman, PC World
  • "The minute we got our hands on it, we wanted it."
    - Brian Dumlao, Worth Playing
  • "Shoot Shoot Mega Pack (hereafter abbreviated SSMP) is a superb example in the slow build."
    - Jacon Wood, Indie Hangover
  • "This is a great party game."
    - Keezy Young, Pixelkin

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About Actual Humans

Actual Humans is a Toronto based independent video game studio focused on creating real human games for real human people.

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Shoot Shoot Mega Pack Credits

Jon Remedios
Game Design/Programming/Business, Jon Remedios Games

Gavin McCarthy
Artist, Freelancer

Ryan Roth
Music/SFX, Freelancer

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